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MenuHunt provides a way to find and search for local restaurants, hunt through their menus, place an order, and pay - all without leaving our app! We offer awesome features like group ordering, payment requests, and cuisine search. Try our different ordering options!

Stay tuned, we’re adding delivery soon! If you’re interested in becoming a driver, click here for more information.

All the fun of ordering and eating with friends, family, or colleagues without the hassle of figuring out who owes what. MenuHunt takes care of it all! Simply designate someone to host the order, and at check out select “Request Group Order.” Follow the prompts to enter the designated person’s email. Once they accept the request, they’ll be able to send in your orders on separate tickets that will be ready at the same time.

Can you give me an example?

It’s like sitting around a table with your friends at a restaurant and the waitress asks you, “Will this be on one ticket or separate?” You can get your food on one ticket and your friends can get their food on a separate ticket, but your orders with be placed at the same time.


Pay Separately, Eat Together!

With our Dine-In feature, you can order food ahead of time or from your table! When you’re in list view, simply tap Dine-In and the restaurant will take it from there.

Our Payment Request feature offers you the ability to have someone else pay for your food! You can find this option within the Payment Methods tab on the checkout screen or within the Account tab.

Enter your location - type in an address or you can allow us to access your current location. This will provide you with all available restaurants within a 30 mile radius of you.

List View - this tab gives you the ability to search for restaurants by name, cuisine type (American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese etc.), or order type (Delivery, Carryout, Pre-Order, Dine-In).

Maps View - click on this tab to see an overview of those restaurants.

After you tap “Place Order,” the restaurant will receive your order, enter a preparation time, and then confirm it. Once confirmed, the payment info you entered will be processed. We’ll send you a push notification, email, and text confirming your order and letting you know when your food will be ready.

First, check your spam folder, sometimes our emails will end up there. If it’s only been a few minutes (five or less), it’s possible that your order has not yet been confirmed by the restaurant. If you need further assistance, contact us directly here 

If the restaurant has not yet confirmed your order, you can still cancel/make changes. If the restaurant has confirmed your order, your payment has been processed and you will not be able to cancel or modify the order.

  1. Within the account tab, select order history > pending orders. If it says “waiting,” the restaurant is in the process of confirming your order.
  2. If you have any additional questions about the progress of your order, tap the phone icon and give the restaurant a call.

Within the account tab, select “Order History.” Here you will find anything you have previously ordered through the app. With a few clicks, you can reorder anything listed there. You can also modify, add, or remove anything you don’t need this time around.

MenuHunt is free to download in the App store. You will be charged for the price of your food, as well as any applicable delivery service charges. The only additional charge you’ll see is our $0.56 processing fee when you place an order.

The prices you see in the restaurant are the same prices you’ll see in our app. The restaurants we work with are contractually obligated to match the prices they have set on their menus. If you see any discrepancies, contact us and we’ll talk to the restaurant.

You sure can! In your account tab, go to “Payment Method” and when you set up a card it will be automatically saved.

You cannot change payment info. but you can add a new card at any time.

Your card is charged after the restaurant confirms your order.

We use Braintree Payments to make sure your payment information remains secure. No one (including us) can see those details. Also, we never share any of your information with restaurants, and we encrypt everything the second you hit that “Place Order” button.

Tap the “Forgot Password” link and we’ll get you sorted out.

Since your account is linked to your email, you can only have one account per email address.

It’s possible that your address may be out of our delivery range. We recommend you search using a specific address or allow us to use your current location. If you’re not 100% sure of the address, it’s best to be as specific as you possibly can.

You’ll receive an email, text & push notification informing you of the time your food will be available for pick up. Simply head over to the restaurant, show the host one of your confirmations, grab your grub, and go.